The automatic sewing system for waistband class AMP-WB3812 is a fully automatic system to sew with very high speed any type of waistband once equipped with the specific folding guide.

Folding guides can be prepared accordingly to customer specifications. Machine can operate without the control by an operator as it is equipped with a full set of sensors to stop the unit when a thread is broken or when a ribbon is finished.

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  • Double Chainstitch sewing machine 12 needles, needle gauge 6,4 mm total sewing space 70,4 mm and rear adjustable puller and complete with bench, motor and table.
  • Machine equipped with 4 sensors to stop the machine when the thread is broken. Machine can run with two needles therefore it is requested to use 4 sensors (two for the two needles and two for the two loopers) for full control of the machine
  • Machine equipped with 5 support for ribbons and each of them is equipped with photocell sensors to stop the machine when one of the ribbons in finished
  • Sewing speed 10 mt/min.
  • Electronic control box on the machine
  • Machine standard equipped with one folding guide at choice included in the price. Extra folders have to be quoted separately
  • Normally one sewing operation is sufficient to sew the complete waistband but some waistband requests two pr more sewing operations to get the finished product.