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The machine P/94E is a flexible unit with two molds than can mold different types of materials (cotton, elastomeric fabrics, microfibers, multi-layer fabrics) including pre-cut pieces and in some cases even the finished garment. The distance between molds is adjustable and the movement of lower mold is numerically controlled

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  • The molding cycle consists of the descent from the top of a heated bell then a heated mold moves upwards for molding the cup with the possibility to adjust the distance between the molds and the heated bell for molding the open garment with both cuts on the same operation..
  • All setting of temperature and times are adjustable with digital timers and thermoregulators.
  • Thermocouple for the measurement of the mould temperature installed on the external part of the mould support with possibility to compensate the offset to display the actual temperature of the mould.
  • Molding pressure pneumatically adjustable and moulding plate coated with silicon foam
  • Presettable timer for automatic start-up and shut down of the unit (on request).
  • Clamping device of the open bra with adjustable pliers (on request).
  • Memorization, data acquisition and setup of digital thermoregulators directly from operator panel through a code.
  • Position of the molds inside the heated bells and displacement speed (positioning accuracy 0.1 mm) programmable by operator panel to get the requested cup depth with memorization in the PLC memory. Programmable molding time with memorization in the PLC memory