Automatic perforating machine for thermoadhesive non woven ribbons.

The PERF/6 can process up to 6 ribbons, normally for the internal reinforces of the waistband.

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  • Unwinding device for 6 ribbons with roll end microswitch for each roll as standard.
  • Perforating machine with low noise crankshaft mechanism including easy adjustment of the perforating pitch whilst the machine is running.
  • Pneumatic adjustable puller for feeding the fabric.
  • Rewinding device for 6 ribbons with in built, clutch mechanism for each rewinding shaft to give perfect results for each type of material.
  • Mold with 3 adjustable rectangular dies, 25 x 2 mm, displacement of 10 mm from each other, and an independent adjustment of the distance between the dies (different dies on request).
  • Fixed perforating speed 140 cycles/min (slow start, built, to maximum speed).
  • Adjustable speed with inverter on request.
  • Machine equipped with PLC.