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The machine P88/6E is a flexible unit with six DOUBLE molds and pliers specifically developed to mold bra cups in FOAM and it can produce No.12 cups per cycle.

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  • The machine consists of six molding heads where it is possible to put one male mold in upper position and one female countermold (fixed) on the lower table. The molds are double (two cups on each mold) and the max dimensions are 400 x 280 x H=150 mm .
  • The operator positions the rectangular pieces of foam on the loading/unloading stations then he starts the molding cycle.
  • The molding cycle consists of the descent from the top of the male mold on the female mold with approaching speed pneumatically adjustable.
  • The molds (without electric resistances and equipped with self-centering system) are fixed on supports with heating resistances.
  • The machine is equipped with a couple of height adjustable PLIERS to keep in position and to brake the flow of the material during the descent of the male mold to avoid the creation of creases (possible on some materials)
  • All setting of temperature and times are adjustable with digital timers and thermoregulators.
  • Machine equipped with PLC.
  • The operation of changing the molds is easy and fast, is enough to connect the thermocouple plug to the socket on the machine.
  • Presettable timer for automatic start-up and shut down of the unit on request.