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The high speed fully automatic tubesewing machine class GCT/SYNCRO sews the open fabric max width 200 cm (78") into tubular form.

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  • Digital inverter to adjust the sewing speed up to 12 mt/min (13 yard/min) depending on the stitch length
  • Puller for the seamed tubular with pneumatic adjustment of the pressure.
  • Electronic sensor to stop the machine in case of thread breakage in the sewing machine
  • Pressing system of the seam edge with digital electronic temperature control and possibility to adjust the ironing pressure
  • Numerical control to adjust the stitch length (1,5 or 2,0 or2,5 mm) with separate AC drive to control the puller of the seamed tubular.
  • New photocell system for the automatic alignment of the selvedges with automatic centering of the roll in the middle of the folding triangle and adjustable inclination rollers for final alignment of the selvedges.
  • Fabric end stop with photocell system
  • Servomotors for the lateral movement of the roll support and for vertical positioning of the open fabric roll.
  • Automatic lock of the vertical roll shaft to the upper support for an easier loading of the machine
  • Programmable meter counter with machine stop in case of empty bobbin (for lockstitch machine), fabric end and counter of the daily production.
  • Machine controlled by a PLC with message alarm features on the console and report for the daily production.


    Feeding device with rollers for knitted fabrics (light jersey) with possibility to adjust the feeding speed before the sewing head for a perfect seaming without tension
    Device to collect flat folded the seamed tubular
    Servomotor with gearbox to lift vertically the open fabric roll support (max weight kg.50) from the horizontal loading position to avoid the fatigue of the operator
    Extra feeding triangle to feed the machine with flat folded open fabric in pallet