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The machine consists of a folding section to fold the open fabric (both in roll or flat folded) with a folding triangle and of a tubesewing section to seam the fabric in a tubular form.

The operator, sitting by the machine, does the alignment of the selvedges and the machine does the seaming of the fabric in a tubular form (with chainstitch or lockstitch machine), trimming the selvedge and then folding and pressing of the two cut edges.

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  • The machine is standard equipped (choice of) one of devices C2000/ROL or C2000/FAL and it is possible (at the cost) to equip the unit with both devices


  • C2000/ROL
    Device to rewind the seamed tubular in roll
  • C2000/FAL
    Device to collect the seamed tubular fabric flat folded (in plies)
  • C2000/ALG
    Photocell system for automatic alignment of the folded fabric
  • APM/CM
    Mechanic meter counter