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The numerically controlled biascutting machine class SPR/SYNCRO Model 1100 cuts automatically in bias the fabric seamed into tubular form or a tubular fabric with diameter from 35 to 110 cm (13" ¾ to 43") with a presettable bias-cutting angle (45° or a different angle)

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  • Electromagnetic clutch to adjust the rewinding tension of the roll with a potentiometer and digital meter counter presettable on the touch screen panel
  • Inverter to adjust the biascutting speed up to 60 Mt/min
  • Pneumatic opening of the two biascutting shafts with adjustment of the pressure on the fabric.
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the pressure on both sides of the biascut fabric rewinding shaft and pneumatic cylinder to lift the fabric pressure roller on the biascut fabric.
  • Pneumatic system to lift rewinding shaft of the biascut fabric for easier loading/unloading operations.
  • Expanding biascutting arm of the tubular fabric with air cushion for a perfect feeding of difficult fabrics
  • Rotating disk feeding device in polyurethane foam to improve the feeding of the fabric along the external expanding arm
  • Photoelectric barrier for sudden stop of the machine in case of accidental intrusion in the rewinding area.
  • PLC controlled machine with a separate safety PLC to control the safety devices and equipped with a complete message system to inform the operator of any possible alarm and to display instructions to restart the unit on a touch screen graphic panel.