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The numerically controlled biascutting machine class SPR/SYNCRO cuts automatically in bias the fabric seamed into tubular form or tubular fabric with diameter from 35 to 110 cm (13" ¾ to 43")


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  • Electromagnetic clutch to adjust with the highest accuracy the rewinding tension of the roll with a potentiometer
  • Pneumatic opening of the two biascutting shafts and adjustment of the pressure on the fabric with possibility to lock the mechanism to eliminate any tension and safety stop micro-switch on case of closing of the two biascut shafts.
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the pressure on both sides of the biascut fabric rewinding shaft.
  • Pneumatic cylinder to lift the fabric pressure roller on the biascut fabric.
  • Pneumatic system to lift the biascut fabric rewinding shaft for easier loading/unloading operations.
  • Expanding biascutting arm of the tubular fabric with air cushion for a perfect feeding of difficult fabrics (such as some satin fabric with electrostatic problem due to the friction with the shafts)
  • Rotating disk feeding device to improve the feeding of the fabric along the external expanding arm
  • AC adjustable frequency drive (inverter) to adjust the biascutting speed up to 60 mt/min.
  • Clockwise biascutting direction with angle adjustable from 38° to 52°
  • Digital pre-settable meter counter with programmable stop with slowing down before reaching the programmed length and possibility to count the daily production of the unit
  • Photoelectric barrier for sudden stop of the machine in case of accidental intrusion in the rewinding area of the machine.
  • Machine controlled by a PLC and message alarm features on the console.


    Rotary screws for the expander arms recommended for knitted fabrics
    Horizontal unwinding device for flat folded fabrics in plies
    Unwinding device for fabrics with rotary box inclined at 30
  • SPR/15SUP
    Extra for machine with biascutting angle from 15 to 45