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The numerically controlled biascutting machine class SPR/SYNCRO150 cuts automatically in bias the fabric seamed into tubular form with a GCT unit or tubular fabric (in roll or flat folded with extra device SPR/FALD150) with a preset bias-cutting angle having a diameter from 35 to 150 cm (13” ¾ to 59”).

The operator adjusts the bias cutting angle and enters in the machine panel the values of the tubular diameter and the biascutting angle then a numerical control system “master/slave” automatically synchronize the speed of the unwinding device with the cutting section of the machine for any cutting speed (adjustable with an inverter)

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  • Main unit rotating on a disk with railway on the central support of the biascutting shafts.
  • Electromagnetic clutch to adjust with the highest accuracy the rewinding tension of the roll with a potentiometer
  • Pneumatic opening of the two biascutting shafts and adjustment of the pressure on the fabric with possibility to lock the mechanism to eliminate any tension and safety stop micro-switch on case of closing of the two biascut shafts.
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the pressure on both sides of the biascut fabric rewinding shaft.
  • Pneumatic cylinder to lift the fabric pressure roller on the biascut fabric and the fabric rewinding shaft for easier loading/unloading operations.
  • Expanding biascutting arm of the tubular fabric with air cushion for a better feeding of difficult fabrics and fan 0,4 kW to blow the air into the biascutting shafts
  • Two rotating disk feeding device on both expanding shaft to improve the feeding of the fabric along the external expanding arm
  • AC adjustable frequency drive (inverter) to adjust the biascutting speed up to 60 mt/min.
  • Clockwise biascutting direction with angle adjustable from 38° to 52°
  • Digital pre-settable meter counter with programmable stop with slowing down before reaching the programmed length and possibility to count the daily production of the unit
  • Photoelectric barrier for sudden stop of the machine in case of accidental intrusion in the rewinding area of the machine.
  • PLC controlled machine and message alarm features on the console.


    Rotary screws for expanding arms recommended for knitted fabrics
  • SPR/FALD150
    Unwinding device for fabrics with rotary box and adjustable inclination from 25 to 45
    Fan 2.2 kW to blow the air into the tubular
  • SPR/L15
    Extra price for biascutting angle from 15 to 52
  • SPR/S75
    Extra price for biascutting shafts 52 to 78 with external blade support