The slitting/rewinding machine for hot cut of ribbons class MINICUT/E can cut most roll materials with polyester or acetate fibers by heated razor-cut knives and can also be equipped with rotary crush-cut knives for cold cut

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  • Unwinding device for rolls up to diam. 40 cm x 180 cm and rewinding section of the cut ribbons on two pneumatic expanding shafts
  • Electromagnetic brake to adjust the unwinding tension and electromagnetic clutch to adjust the rewinding tension of the cut ribbons with a potentiometer.
  • The rewinding shaft consist of a pneumatic expanding bar for a fast lock of the cardboard core with possibility to remove it completely from the machine for easier loading/unloading operations.
  • Cutting width adjustable by moving the heated knives along their support eventually using jigs for a faster positioning.
  • Closed loop controlled brushless motor for the winding motion of the unit with automatic zero speed detection of the winding motor speed
  • Presettable electronic meter counter on the touch screen panel and fabric end photocell
  • Cut done by pressure of the razor-cut knives on a hardened steel roller of large diameter.
  • Knife temperature, cutting speed and winding tension adjustable on a touch screen panel.
  • Safety laser scanner to detect the presence of the operator nearby the unit to ensure  the safety of the staff.
  • PLC controlled unit with an additional safety PLC to control only the safety devices. Touch screen panel for data entry and alarm messages.
  • Machine can be equipped of up to 40 hot razor knives class TC/HFX.


  • TC/HFX
    Razor-cut knife for hot cut with one thermocouple to control the heating of all knives.
    Extra pneumatic rewinding shaft with diameter on requests

    Beam to support the cold cut knives

  • TC/CLD

    Crush-cut rotary knife for cold cut