The T/50HD manual slitting machine is specifically projected to cut plastic films such as polyethylene or polyurethane but it can cut also most of materials in rolls.

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  • Highly safe for the operator. The blade is totally enclosed and the operator can do the cutting operations only when both hands are engaged on two pushbuttons
  • Fast pneumatic positioning of the blade carriage. The operator presses a button and the blade carriage indexes to the preset measure on a screw.
  • Fixed blade rotation speed (70 RPM) and fixed roll rotation speed (140 RPM)
  • On requests, adjustable roll rotation speed with inverter (T50/INVP)
  • Automatic movement of the blade towards the roll at the maximum speed and photocell to slow down the speed to the preset cutting speed just before the blade reaches the roll to cut
  • Adjustable cutting force and cutting speed to obtain an absolutely uniform cut along the roll.
  • Manual blade sharpening of the blade on both sides with motor driven main grindstone in Borazon and an auxiliary stone for removing the sharpening burrs and diamond to dress the main grindstone.
  • Blade cooling system available on requests
  • Mechanic chuck with double locking of the roll on the external of the roll (3 pliers) and one extra plier to lock the cardboard core
  • Cutting width easily presettable on a graduated knob.


  • T50/SIL
    Manual blade lubrication system
  • T50/BAR
    Extra roll shaft support with different diameter
  • T50/INVP
    Adjustable roll speed with inverter