High speed calender specifically designed for pressing all types of knitted elastic laces.

Width of the machine 30 cm

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  • Adjustable pressing speed with digital vectorial inverter up to 90 mt/min
  • Exclusive pressing system between an heated drum with electrical resistances and a belt around the drum to get a pressing speed much faster than conventional systems.
  • PID thermoregulator for temperature control with display of actual temperature. Max Temperature 200 °C
  • Programmable digital meter counter with automatic stop at the preset measure without data loss in case of power off.
  • Automatic feeder of the ribbons towards the pressing units to avoid the material to get tangled
  • Device to collect in boxes the pressed ribbons.
  • Compressed air tank for automatic air cooling system of the calender in case of machine stop (even in case of power fail). This will prevent the ribbons inside the machine from turning yellow.
  • PLC controlled machine
  • Machine ROTOSTIR/P with max width of calender 16 cm (6.5") available on request