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The machine P96 is a 
high productivity two 
molds unit for very large 
cups with rotary table that 
can mold different types of 
materials (cotton, micro
fibers,elastomeric fabrics,
multi-layer fabrics)
including pre-cut pieces
(i.e. cups with the 
shape to be sewn on 
the bra, no need of die
cutting after molding) 
and in some cases even 
the finished garment 

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  • The machine consists of a rotary table with two loading/unloading stations and two molding stations at a distance of 90°.
  • The operator positions the pieces on the two loading/unloading areas while the machine is molding the pieces on the remaining two stations.
  • The molding cycle consists of the descent from the top of a heated bell to keep uniform the temperature around the fabric and then a heated mold moves upwards for molding the cup.
  • This exclusive system reduces the molding time even to 20 - 25 sec or less.
  • Once the cycle is finished, the table turns of half revolution to enable the loading/unloading of the thermoformed pieces while the machine is molding the new materials. The total cycle time is about the same of the molding time as the machine does not wait for the positioning of the pieces and therefore the productivity is much higher than machines without the rotary table
  • A simple adjustment enables the position of the mold in the heated bell to get the requested height of the cup.
  • All setting of temperature and times are adjustable with digital timers and thermoregulators.
  • Machine equipped with PLC and operator terminal to set machine datas and display alarm messages.
  • The operation of changing a mold and/or a disk is easy and fast, no need to do any electrical connection.
  • Presettable timer for automatic startup and shut down of the unit standard on the machine.