The manual collarette cutting machine class 972/C can produce collarette bands from any tubular fabric with high accuracy and productivity. The machines are available in the following models:

Manual collarette cutting machine with 2 knives (cut of up to 2 collarette tapes)

Manual collarette cutting machine with 3 knives (cut of up to 3 collarette tapes)

Manual collarette cutting machine with 4 knives (cut of up to 4 collarette tapes)

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  • Maximum cutting width of the main strip 180 mm.
  • Cut with crush-cut knives on an hardened steel shaft with min cutting width 16 mm (11/16").
  • Main motor equipped with a clutch system for a smooth start-up of the machine and to slow-down the speed at the beginning of the cut (adjustable speed up to 38 mt/min with inverter on request).
  • Adjustable rewinding speed of the collarette tape to obtain collarette rolls without tension even for very elastic fabrics with lycra.


  • 972/INV
    Adjustable speed with digital inverter up to 45 mt/min
  • 972/ROL
    Adjustable inclinable roller