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Modular machine to press in a simple way all the ribbons and then to deposit them in boxes or to rewind them in rolls or in bobbins if equipped with devices on requests.

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  • Adjustable pressing speed with digital vectorial inverter up to 50 mt/min. Max pressing temperature 150 °C
  • Pressing width 20 cm (8"). Machine MINISTIR/1 with max roller width 30 cm (12") available on request
  • Machine consists of four rollers one upon the other with one central roller heated with electric resistances. Can be equipped with optional devices depending on the requirements.
  • Pneumatically adjustable of the pressing pressure independent on the two sides of the rollers with manometer to display the actual pressure on each side.
  • Device MINISTIR/R to have both central rollers heated available on requests
  • Max Temperature 150 °C. Digital PID thermoregulator for temperature control of each roller with the possibility to set two different temperatures (single temperature control), one for each roller, in case of machine equipped with device MINISTIR/R.
  • WARNING: Machine supplied without folders
  • Programmable digital meter counter with automatic stop at the preset measure without data loss in case of power off.
  • PLC controlled machine


    Heating of the second central roller with electric resistances
    Device to rewind the ribbons in two bobbins
    Device to rewind the ribbons in rolls (up to 2 rolls 4 rolls on requests)