Numerically controlled roll slitter for heavy rolls up to 100kg, diam. 40cm / 16" (diam. 50 cm / 18" on requests) and length 200cm (79").

The machine is particularly suitable to cut adhesive tapes, foam materials, laminated fabrics with adhesives, PVC, polyethilene, fabric, satin, polyesther, plastic films, non-woven materials, glass fibers, roofing materials, paper (with toothed blade) and so on.

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  • Blade diamater 50 cm (60 cm on requests) with adjustable rotation speed and accuracy of positioning ±0.01 mm.
  • Adjustable inclination angle between the blade and the roll.
  • All motors are brushless and "closed loop" type for roll, blade and blade carriage movements
  • Programmable automatic sharpening and lubrication of the blade
  • Numerically controlled positioning of the blade carriage and automatic cut with possibility to program up to 6 cutting measures for each automatic cycle.
  • Adjustable roll rotation speed and automatic detection of the roll diameter with possibility to cut at constant speed with   increasing roll rotation speed as the blade gets closer to the center of the roll.
  • Numerical control for the cutting movement of the blade to the roll to get a slow initial penetration speed in the material, the cut at the preset speed and a slow down near to the cardboard core
  • Self centering pneumatic double lock chuck on the cardboard and on the external diameter with possibility to adjust the locking pressure.
  • Machine can do a LOCKED BLADE cutting cycle with little rotation after each cut and complete sharpening programmable after a preset number of cuts.
  • Machine totally closed and highly safe for the operator. Machine totally closed with automatic opening door and safety system that prevents the fall in case of power off or no compressed air in the circuit.
  • The machine is PLC controlled and it is equipped with a complete diagnostic software to inform the operator of any possible alarm and includes instructions to restart the unit.