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Manual roll slitter with semiautomatic positioning of the blade carriage for rolls up to diam 25 cm (10") x 160 cm,  kg.20 . Possibility to load rolls with max length 200 cm.

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  • This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features to obtain, for the first time in the market, from IMQ ( Italian Institute for Quality Trademarks) the Certification of Examination “CE” for standards 2006/42/EC (Ref. IMQ/304).
  • Highly safe for the operator. The blade is totally protected by a guard and the operator can perform the cut only if both hands are on a pushbutton and on the cutting lever.
  • Blade diameter 40 cm with fixed speed. Max roll diameter 25 cm (10"). Accuracy of positioning ±0.3 mm
  • Manual cut with semiautomatic positioning of the blade carriage with a pneumatic cylinder. The operator pushes a button and the blade carriage indexes to the preset cutting width.
  • Maximum cutting width 20 cm, larger cuts can be done by setting half width and doing two displacements of the blade carriage.
  • Machine standard equipped with digital inverters to adjust the blade and roll speed
  • Double sharpening of the circular knife (both sides) with pneumatic displacement towards the blade of the motor driven main grindstone and an auxiliary grindstone to remove the sharpening burrs.
  • Machine includes a diamond to dress the main grindstone.
  • Self centering mechanic chuck with grippers to lock the roll on the cardboard and on the external diameter of the roll.