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Fully automatic winding machines for fabric max width 200 cm (78") with electronic clutch for adjustable tension (tension free winding also possible). Automatic alignment on one edge and programmable meter counter.

Machines for larger roll width can be manufactured on requests.


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  • Automatic alignment on one edge with a photocell system.
  • Electromagnetic clutch with potentiometer to adjust the rewinding torque for the production of rolls of material with the requested winding tension (even tension free).
  • Adjustable rewinding speed up to 60 Mt/min with a digital inverter.
  • Pneumatically adjustable fabric braking system on the winding shaft and further braking action done by the movement of the fabric through a couple of braking shafts.
  • Digital programmable meter counter with slowing down before reaching the programmed length and possibility to count the daily production of the unit.
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the pressure on both sides of the fabric winding shaft.
  • Pneumatic system to lift the fabric winding shaft for easier loading/unloading operations.
  • Removable lower shaft support (for rolls to be unwound) from the front of the machine for an easier loading/unloading of heavy rolls with a forklift.
  • Photoelectric barrier for sudden stop of the machine in case of accidental intrusion in the rewinding area.
  • PLC controlled unit with a second safety PLC to control only the safety devices. Touch screen panel for data entry and alarm messages.
  • Machine  prepared for connection to Industry 4.0 with Modbus/TCP protocol