AMP Pisani

Engineering solutions

Our passion is creating machinery. We have been doing it since long time.

For more than 75 years, AMP Pisani has been designing and manufacturing quality machinery for apparel and textile industries as well as for roll slitting applications and customized projects. We have been established since 1946.

Our vast product range consists of bra molding equipments and robotic systems for trimming foam bra cups, roll slitters for any application and bias machinery.

Collarette cutters, complementary machines for cutting room and automatic equipments for technical applications are also included in our product range.

Our skill of innovation has enabled us to achieve numerous technological innovations within the market, most of them patented.

AMP Pisani's machinery is exclusively manufactured at our facility in Italy by a skilled team of mechanics, electricians and software engineers who are able to design and manufacture customized units.

About 25.000 machines have been manufactured since our establishment.

Our headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in the city of Cilavegna, at 50 km from Milan city centre and at 40 km from Milan Malpensa International Airport.

A spare parts departments guarantee the quick delivery of spare parts and consumables (blades and grindstones) for all our equipments and our team can offer phone support, both technical and commercial, in the main European languages.

Our agents and distributors guarantee worldwide distribution and technical assistance to our products.