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The collarette machine class TPM/250 is a fully automated system for cutting with high accuracy and productivity collarette tapes from any VERY SMALL tubular knit goods flat folded only.

The fabric is placed on a rotating base and fed from bottom to top with two feeding rollers covered by special coefficient material that allows transportation of the fabric towards the cutting area tension free.

The quick and easy loading and adjustment of the machine makes its use profitable for even cutting small batches of material.

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  • Dimensions of tubular diameters: from cm 15 to 60 cm 125 ( 6" to 24")
  • Adjustable cutting speed up to 60 mt/min with digital vectorial inverter
  • Pneumatically controlled crush cut knives in HSS steel cutting against a hardened steel drum located directly on one of the two feeding rollers.
  • e machine can cut with a high for each kind of material, including knitted fleece, single jersey, elastomeric fabrics with lycra content.
  • Cutting pressure of the knives pneumatically adjustable.
  • Rewinding device of the cut strips with adjustable cutting and rewinding tension to obtain tension free collarette rolls. The cut strip in rolls will maintain its dimensional stability during storage.
  • Easy and simple adjustment of the machine with the automatic speed variation of the rotating base with the tubular diameter and further possibility of a manual speed adjustment.
  • Opening of the two fabric feeding rollers symmetrically to the rotating base to eliminate the feeding tensions with servomotor.
  • Automatic machine stop at the preset roll diameter (meter-counter on request)
  • Width of the main cutting strip: from 15 to 150 mm (depending on the material)
  • Number of cutting knives: 3


  • TPM/CM
    Electronic meter counter with automatic stop of the machine at the pre-set value
    Festooner system for collecting collarette strips into containers (must be supplied with TPM/CM device)