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The machine P/96G is a high productivity two molds unit with rotary table that can mold different types of rectangular foam pieces max dim. 22x36cm used for padding of sportswear such as the gusset for biking trousers.

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  • The machine consists of a rotary table with two loading/unloading stations and two molding stations.
  • The operator positions the pieces on the loading/unloading area while the machine is molding the pieces on the other side.
  • The molding cycle consists of the descent from the top of the upper molds then the lower molds move upward to mold the material.
  • The normal molding time is from 20 to 50 sec depending of the type of material.
  • After molding, the rotary disk turns of half revolution to unloading the moulded pieces while the new material goes to the molding area.
  • The heating resistances are located on the plates to support the mold therefore it is sufficient to plug the socket of the thermocouples inside the mold for temperature control to the machine.
  • The rectangular mold support has sloped sides for an easy positioning of the mold in the machine and to reduce to 2-3 min the time to change a mold. If new mold has been previously heated with an oven and machine is immediately in operation.
  • All setting of temperature and times are adjustable with digital timers and thermoregulators.
  • Machine equipped with PLC and operator terminal to set machine datas and display alarm messages.
  • Presettable timer for automatic startup and shut down of the unit standard on the machine.