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The semiautomatic tubesewing unit class GCT/S Model 2000 sews the open fabric up to a maximum width of 200 cm (79") into tubular form.
The machine sews with minimal assistance from the operator

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  • Digital inverter to adjust the sewing speed up to 8.5 Mt/min depending on the stitch length.
  • Alignment of the selvedges before sewing with minimal assistance from the operator.
  • Seaming of the open fabric into tubular form with lockstitch or overlock sewing machine.
  • Edge trimming of the selvedges (in case of lockstitch sewing machine) to get a constant width of the margin and pneumatic suction of the cutouts.
  • Folding and pressing of the selvedge with a set of guides for different fabric thicknesses
  • Rewinding of the tubular fabric in rolls (deposit in a box flat folded with device on requests)
  • PID programmable digital thermoregulator to adjust the pressing temperature of the selvedge
  • PLC controlled machine with a separate PLC to control the safety devices and equipped with a touch screen graphic panel