High productivity slitting/rewinding unit for hot and cold cut for most of materials in roll (polyester, nylon, plastic, paper, films, laminated, non woven, PVC and so on) including tension sensitive material.

Modular unit, can use crush-cut blades or razor knives for hot cut or cold cut blades.

Machine available for larger roll widths.

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  • Unwinding section for rolls up to diam. 40cm or 16" / max width 180 cm or 71" (machines with widths up to 300cm and larger roll diameters are possible on requests) and a rewinding section on two shafts for the cut material.
  • The unwinding system of the fabric roll to be slit is equipped with an electromagnetic brake to adjust the unwinding tension.
  • The cut rolls are rewound on two expanding shafts equipped with electromagnetic clutch to adjust the rewinding tension with a special automatic rewinding tension control system that guarantees a constant rewinding tension while the rewound rolls increase their diameter during the cutting operation.
  • A vacuum system can remove the selvedge on the two sides of the roll.
  • The shaft support for the slit rolls is equipped with a pneumatic device to lock quickly all the cardboard cores and it is possible to remove from the machine to avoid stopping production downtimes during the loading/unloading operations.
  • The cutting width is obtained by positioning the knives on a rack using special gauges that can make this operation quicker.
  • A photocell stops the machine before the fabric is finished (for an easy threading of the machine with new fabric that can be joined to the end of the previous fabric).
  • The cut is achieved by the knives on an HSS hardened steel bush of large diameter that supports the cutting blades.
  • The pressure of the knives on the fabric, the temperature, the cutting speed and the rewinding tension are adjustable.The heated knives are available in 2 models: TC/HRT Crush-cut heated rotary circular knife with single temperature control by means of a thermocoupling inserted on each resistance and up/down movement with one pneumatic cylinder for each knife; TC/HFX Razor-cut heated knife with one thermocoupling to control the heating of all knives.
  • The heated knives are grouped on two different supports, one for the razor cut knives TC/HFX and one upper beam with two opposite rows either for the heated crush-cut the rotary knives TC/HRT or for the cold crush cut rotary knives TC/CLD
  • Single positioning of the rotary knives TC/HRT on the fabrics with a pneumatic cylinder for each knife and possibility to store and retrieve in the memory of the computer which controls the cutting configuration.
  • The fixed knives TC/HFX are mounted on a support that moves towards the fabric with pneumatic displacement.
  • The machine can be equipped with a maximum of 80 rotary knives class TC/HRT and 90 knives class TC/HFX and TC/CLD.
  • The machine is controlled by a PLC unit and it is equipped with an operator panel for online troubleshooting. You can set the meter counter and enter the temperature values. It is also possible to display the actual temperature values on each crush cut rotary knife TC/HRT.


  • TC/HFX
    Razor-cut knife for hot cut with one thermocouple to control the heating of all knives.
  • TX/AAL
    Automatic alignment system with photocell for the unwinding section of the roll with possibility to disable it.
  • TX/BMR
    Beam for support of the crush cut heated rotary knives
  • TX/CRS
    Electronic system with single temperature control for heated crush-cut knives TX/HRT