The bandknife machine BK/750 is built with a new high rigidity frame, very sturdy to avoid any vibration of the cutting table and to cut materials having max thickness of 27 cm (11" approx) with upper blade guide. Machine has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features.

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  • High rigidity welded frame with four adjustable feet easily adapted to any existing table.
  • Machine standard equipped with:
    a) Two speed (15-30 mt/s) motor with brake and microswitch for automatic stop when the blade is broken.
    b) Magnets on the sharpener to collect sharpening dusts.
    c) Adjustable upper blade guide with possibility to increase or decrease the spacing and the position is locked in place.
    d) Blade guide on the table equipped with hard metal inserts for a very high wear resistance.
    e) Pulleys coated with high resistance polyurethane
  • The safety devices of the machine include:
    a) Warning Light indicating bandknife running.
    b) Safety microswitches on the machine for sudden stop when guards are opened.
    c) Telescopic guard on the upper knife guide to avoid any contact with the blade in case of impacts and to keep it enclosed in case of accidental breakage. Machine spotlight with adjustable lamp enclosed in the machine frame.
  • Easily removable sharpening system mounted on a dove-tail guide.
  • Cutting table in multilayer wood and plastic laminated sheets on BOTH sides without table feet to avoid accidental contacts.
  • Air cushion system (on request) with special air nozzles to avoid air blowing towards the operator and with air filter to remove all cutting dusts from the circulating.


  • BK1250/LGU
    Precision lower guide of the blade (for very rigid materials)
  • BK1250/SIL
    Lubrication system of the knife
  • BK1250/INV
    Adjustable speed of the knife up to 30 mt/sec with inverter