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Molding machine for special applications. Max mold size 60x47cm or two molds max dimensions 29x47cm each. Molds in aluminum, an  alternative to more  expensive steel molds.

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  • Machine with two molding heads for maximum mold dimensions 29 x 47 cm. 
  • Possible to mount one large mold maximum size 600 x 470 mm instead of two molds.
  • Molds in aluminum, less expensive than steel molds.
  • Maximum molding temperature 250 °C
  • Machine equipped with adjustable pliers to keep in position and brake the flow of the material during the descent of the male mold to avoid possible creasings on some materials 
  • Photoelectric safety barrier on the front of the unit to control the access in the molding area
  • Compressed air tank for the pneumatic cylinder.
  • Graphic touch screen operator panel to set the molding temperature and time with complete diagnostic software to inform the operator of any possible alarm and to display instructions to restart the unit
  • PLC controlled machine with a separate safety PLC to control the safety devices. 
  • Presettable timer P90/TIM  for automatic start-up and shut down of the unit on request.