Semiautomatic winding machine class to rewind any material in roll or flat folded with maximum width 200cm.

Particularly suitable to rewind tensionless elastic materials.

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  • Fixed winding speed 20 mt/min (adjustable winding speed up to 40 mt/min onr request with device APM/INV).
  • Max dimensions of winded roll diam. 50 cm length 200 cm. Max weight kg.50. It is possible to load rolls up to 150kg .
  • Alignment of the selvedge on one side with a lever that moves manually right/left the lower roll support . In this way it is possible to have rolls with the selvedge aligned.
  • Clutch to adjust the rewinding tensionto obtain  rolls with the requested winding tension (even tension free).
  • Shaft of the unwinding roll removable from the front of the machine for an easy loading of heavy rolls