Fully automatic system to convert open knitwear fabric in rolls of open fabric with warp in horizontal.

Machines automatically unwinds then cuts rectangular pieces of open knitwear fabric, it sews them together on the opposite side to get the horizontal warps then it winds automatically the material with nearly zero winding tension.
The output roll can be slit with a manual or automatic roll slitting machine to obtain tapes of material with horizontal warps and horizontal sewing joints.

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  • Unwinding system for the input roll with automatic alignment of one selvedge and lazy loop after unwinding device to feed the fabric without tension. The position of the selvedge permits to adjust the trimming cut during the further sewing operation to remove from the fabric the requested quantity of material depending on the conditions of the selvedge
  • Automatic pliers to pull tensionless the fabric to the programmed cutting measure then transversal cutter to split and separate the rectangle of knitwear fabric and then to move the rectangle to the sewing and winding section
  • Automatic sewing of the knitwear rectangles with an overlock sewing machine and vacuum system to remove the selvedge cut by the trimming knife of the sewing unit. Sewing machine installed on a carriage that moves with numeric control along the side of the fabric to join with possibility to adjust the stitch length
  • Automatic winding system with adjustable winding tension and automatic alignment of the selvedge on one side
  • All machine parameters programmable on a touch screen panel