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Numerically controlled automatic roll slitter for rolls diam 30 cm (12”), length 185 cm (72”) and weight kg.60 (132 lbs.). Possibility to load rolls with max length 215 cm (84”). Machine available for longer rolls on requests

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  • This machine has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features to obtain, for the first time in the market, from IMQ ( Italian Institute for Quality Trademarks) the Certification of Examination “CE” for standards 2006/42/EC (Ref. IMQ/300)
  • Numerically controlled positioning of the blade carriage with brushless motor and automatic cut with the possibility of programming up to 6 cutting measures for each automatic cycle
  • Blade penetration speed in the roll adjustable on continuous rate with wormscrew movement and brushless motor. Photocell to detect the diameter of the roll.
  • Up to 50 different cutting cycles. All the cutting parameters can be stored into the machine memory and retrieved
  • Adjustable blade and roll rotation speed with digital vectorial inverter and possibility to choose the roll rotation direction.
  • Possibility to select the roll rotation direction.
  • Automatic sharpening of the circular knife (both sides) with adjustable sharpening time after a programmable number of cuts.
  • Totally closed machine. Highly safe for the operator.
  • Self centering pneumatic chuck with grippers to lock the roll on the cardboard and on the surface.
  • Machine standard equipped with non rotating roll shaft. Rotating shaft on request with extra cost
  • Pneumatic system to lift and support the roll shaft
  • Blade penetration speed in the roll and force adjustable on continuous rate with wormscrew movement and brushless motor
  • Photocell to stop the blade carriage movement when the blade is out of the roll (automatic roll diameter adjustment).
  • PLC controlled machine and equipped with a complete diagnostic software to inform the operator of any possible alarm and to display instructions to restart the unit on a touch screen graphic panel.
  • Machine prepared for connection Industry 4.0 with Modbus/TCP protocol