Numerically controlled automatic roll slitter for rolls with max diam. 500 cm x 175 cm.
The machine can mainly process rolls of foam (PVC and polyurethane) for thermal and acoustic insulation but also other materials

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  • The unit has been designed with the utmost attention to safety features in order to obtain from IMQ (www.imq.it Italian Institute for Quality Trademarks) the Certification of Examination “CE” for standards 2006/42/EC (ref.IMQ299). 
  • Totally closed machine. Highly safe for the operator, no diffusion of cutting dust and less noise. LED lights for a clear illumination inside the machine
  • Numerically controlled positioning of the blade carriage with brushless motor and automatic cut with the possibility of programming up to 6 cutting measures for each automatic cycle.
  • All machine motors are brushless.
  • Adjustable blade rotation speed (up to 700 RPM) and adjustable roll rotation speed (up to 450 RPM) with possibility to choose the roll rotation direction.
  • Numerically controlled blade penetration movement into the roll with wormscrew movement and brushless motor. 
  • Photocell to detect the roll diameter and laser pointer to indicate the actual position of the blade on the roll. 
  • Laser system to measure the blade diameter and its circularity error with automatic adjustment of stop position near the roll support shaft. No knob to adjust the forward travel end of the blade carriage
  • Automatic blade positioning function at the roll edge with possibility of automatic blade carriage return to an initial preset position
  • Automatic roll diameter adjustment with a measuring photocell to stop the reverse stroke of the blade carriage once the blade is out of the roll. 
  • Self-centering pneumatic chuck with double clamping mechanism on the cardboard core and on the roll external surface.
  • Expanding rotary roll shaft with plastic grippers along the whole shaft length which can be easily replaced. Roll shaft diam. 76,4mm (3”) or 80mm as per choice. This unit cannot be supplied with interchangeable shafts
  • Automatic sharpening of the circular knife on both sides. Grindstones in BORAZON
  • Servomotor for adjusting the mechanical stop of the main sharpener on the blade (on request).
  • Rotation of the auxiliary grindstone sharpener controlled by a brushless motor (on request).
  • Automatic blade cooling system with nebulized water and collection tank in stainless steel.  
  • Automatic blade lubrication system with possibility to use pure silicon oil or water mixed with silicone glycol
  • Up to 50 different cutting cycles can be stored and retrieved into the machine memory from each program. Machine prepared for connection Industry 4.0 with Modbus/TCP protocol
  • PLC controlled machine with a separate safety PLC to control the safety devices.
  • Max roll dimensions: diam. 500 mm, length 2000 mm, weight Kg.100


  • T500/CLN Automatic blade cleaning system on both sides 
  • T500/COL Blade cooling system by compressed air expansion
  • T500/NET Device for remote connection of the machine through internet to our technical offices.
  • T500/SSD Servomotor for adjusting the mechanical stop of the main sharpener on the blade 
  • T500/SMT Motor driven rotation of the auxiliary sharpener