Automatic cutting system for laminated foam rolls to cut rectangular pieces from a foam roll of large dimensions (max diam150cm, max width 160cm) with automatic stacking of the cut pieces

Operator loads the foam roll on the machine then he sets up the dimensions and the quantity of rectangles requested for the production lot

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  • 9 Blades groups equipped with one sharpener for each group.
  • Option device LTR/auto Automatic positioning system of the blades to the preset cutting width programmable on a touch screen panel.
  • Blades move automatically to preset cutting width.
  • Automatic stacking and unloading of the rectangles on a conveyor belt at the programmed quantity.
  • Mechanic platform  with loading arm to move upwards the laminated foam roll for  easy handling. When the roll is position, two chucks with expanding pliers will enter in the papertube to clamp and rotate the roll for feeding  the material towards the cutting section.
  • Lazy loop device to feed the material without tension.
  • All the positioning devices and numeric controls for each positioning function guarantees the best possible accuracy of positioning but the final result depends on the material therefore the accuracy on the material could be less.
  • Productivity up to 2.700 rectangles/hour


    Automatic positioning of the blades to the preset cutting width with step motor on each blade and automatic programmable sharpening system of the blades (recommended device)
  • LTR/TV
    Camera with external TV screen to see inside the machine during automatic run.